Heaven Help II (2016)

"Heaven Help" is a beautiful song about love by Lenny Kravitz. But, these photographies are rather a discussion of faith. They questions whether God exists or not. What is it that influences our choice of direction? And; is there a divine power that pervades everything?

These double exposures are inspired by the Tate Gallery of Modern Art or colloquially; "The Cathedral of Modern Art". This gallery consists of two integrated buildings; Switch House; (the old building), designed by Giles Scott in the 1940s, and Boiler House; (the new house), designed by the Swiss architects Hertzog and de Meuron in 2000-2016. I am particularly interested in these two buildings' transitions between the old and new, material and sacral, and light and dark. In these blurry transitions you might find the mental state of the agnostics; whom I belong to. These photographies are also inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky's film; 'Solaris' from 1972, and the Norwegian novelist Sigurd Hoel's 'Meeting at Minepelen' from 1947. The clouds, are from a flight back to Oslo from Berlin in 2013. Taken together; these double exposures express all the transitional states between dought and confusion, the sacral, the holy and faithfull state, which both troubels and enriches the minds of those who doughts.


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