Ulysses' Seaweed (2016/2012)

In these black & white photographies of seaweed I am particularly interested in the method James Joyce utilized to create the novel; "Ulysses" from 1922: Stream-of-consciousness. I have combined this method with cross-cutting, to highlight the uniqueness of these photos two different locations: In this way the title of the project represents the combination of two photographical tecniques rather than the story of the novel. These photographies tells another story; the seaweed as being part of a greater whole; an ecosystem. In this system; each organism is just as vital as the other; in contributing to the existence of the ecosystem. The seaweed was shot along the coastline at Vestre-Vikane in Østfold municipality, Norway, June (11-14th), 2016. The darker photographies are from Gjeving inside the islands of Lyngør, by the South Coast of Norway in the municipality of Aust-Agder, also in Norway (late summer of 2012).


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